Patch notes are up for ver.1.2 Build 4.7 (i.e. launch version)

Random pic of one of our member's setups for open-beta/launch... are you ready?  Patch notes can be found HERE

Cliff notes from the launch patch:

  • New low teir 2xTrade Pack carrying tractor added in game
  • All mounts have 3 speeds; slow, fast and donkey
  • Sunlight Archeum drops increased, all others untouched
  • All content for Northern continent temp removed (NPCs, Castles, Quests, etc...)
  • Hasla weapons beyond the first tier temp removed

See you tomorrow for open beta!

Guild-Wide Meeting This Friday!

Archeage pre-launch meeting

We will be having a guild-wide meeting on Friday 05SEP14 at 9pm (est) on TS.  We will be outlining our goals and plans as a guild for ArcheAge's launch, some of our new guild SOPs, FoE Families, the return of TAC FoE and what will be expected of you as a member/PR during the first week of the game.  EVERYONE who plans to play ArcheAge with us will be expected to be there!!! However, we will post a video of the meeting on the boards for those who miss it due to RL issues.  

Beta 4 This Weekend!!!

ArcheAge’s fourth Closed Beta Event begins this week, starting Friday, August 22 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and running until the same time on Wednesday, August 27! Players who participated in CBE3 will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch to Build 4.6 which will be on our Alpha servers tomorrow.  So get your spousal faction high for more FoE-Shinaegans this weekend!!!

Beta 3 Begins TODAY!

ArcheAge’s third Closed Beta Event begins Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and runs until the same time on Monday, August 18! We will continue playing the Western Faction on the "Aranzeb" server.  We have a TON of new PRs so this beta event should be a great one!  Let's kick some ass and collect some more tears!


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