Server-Wide PvP event

Ollo PvP Event

FoE is sponsoring a server-wide mass PvP event. Purely East vs West, no politics, no BS...  There will be a pack placed in red dragons keep, the faction holding it at the end of the War Period wins; PERIOD! Just a big bloody fight all the way to peace. 28FEB @2000 (est). Guilds involved thus far: Nocturne, SR, LoTD, AOD, Technique, Armada, Obsidian Fear, Great Western Alliance (Trumpet noises) - Solid Maybes: Bastion.

New FoE Swag!!!

FoE Swag pic

The FoE Swag shop has been cleaned up an updated with some of our member's art. You can now show your guild pride with FoE-themed clothing, glassware, plushies, flasks, shower curtains, jewelry, phone/laptop cases, etc... 10% of all sales go right back to the guild to help us fund prizes for our give aways, off set web hosting costs, purchase Apex for needy guildies, etc... You can visit the store by clicking on the 'FoE Swag' link on the top menu or by going HERE If you want to see something added, just let any of the officers know!


1.7 Preparations

Kraken PvP

In preparation for patch 1.7 FoE will be focusing on refining our open field PvP tactics, Kraken kills/cock-blocks, siege prep, and getting our member's better gear. In order to help our members and PRs get better gear, we will be running GHA/Serpentis and leaving the FoE farm open for member/PR personal use as much as possible. Check the Guild Calendar and forums for more details... Let's keep kicking ass out there FoE!


FoE Sucessfully Defends Its Castle!!!

FoE Victory Shot

FoE successfully defended our castle from Addiction in brutal fashion.  We spanked them so hard that we ended up camping them at their spawn many times, only letting them out when we wanted to farm more Honor.  Great JOB ALL!!!!  This took the entire guild's efforts and it paid off in a big way.  You can watch the entire siege on KIP'S STREAM, THORK'S STREAM, or check out more screenshots HERE.

Scavenger Hunt Guild Event Results!

hide and go seek guild event result

This was an awesome new event for FoE.  We conducted a scavenger hunt-type event where Members/PRs had to decipher LARPY ass clues and find 5 different locations throughout the world. First ones to find at least 3 of the 5 won. We followed up that event with our last mass-clipper building operation for the guild and then slaughtered folks on the high seas for their OPP.  Good times!!!

Event winners and prizes:

1st place: Vlyxnol - 120 gold and a Tractor (donated tractor to the next winner)

2nd place: Sincro - 50 gold and a Tractor

3rd place: Voltfest - 50 gold and a Tractor

4th place: Calathan - 20 gold

5th place: Camacho - 20 gold


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