FoE APB artsy (small)

 So, you want to join FoE do ya?


Requirements for joining Fist of the Empire:

  • Must be +18 years of age (i.e. legal age of consent in all 50 states)
  • Must NOT be a member of another guild or clan
  • Must own a headset AND a working microphone
  • Must be sexually active (or at least attempting to be)
  • Must be able to log onto TeamSpeak3 when you are online
    • Having trouble installing TeamSpeak3?  -go HERE for instructions on how to install the FREE program and join our server
  • Must be playing a game(s) FoE is currently playing
  • Must like killing people in game; FoE is a PvP-based gaming community
  • Must have a sick sense of humor
    • Not easily offended by stupid people on the inter-webs
  • Must register with this site and fill out all required fields in the new user form
    • Go HERE to begin your registration
  • Must read through the Guild Rules (reading through the Guild Handbook is highly suggested)
  • Must NOT be a racist, sexist, or creepy internet-stalker type
  • Must be interviewed by a FoE officer on TeamSpeak3 - this step is required to activate your account on this site

If you believe that you meet ALL of the above requirements, feel free to register with the site and get ahold of any FoE officer (via e-mail or TeamSpeak) so that we can get your application processed, your interview done, and your crazy trip through the bowels of FoE started!  Welcome to the team!


Full requirements to make it through PR and become a full FoE member can be found HERE!


Official BDO Recruitment Video: