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Recruitment Reopened!

We have reopened our doors for new recruits in BDO! So, if you're a PvPer who wants to have a blast in BDO, and you have a sense of humor about yourself, drop an app here and join the madness... See you in-game! ~For more information on our BDO recruitment, see the official forum post HERE

Mediah is here!!!!

New BDO features: World size increased by 30% | Over 1,000 new quests | Kzarka - An enormous new boss | New guild missions, including special bosses | Crimson Battlefield - Instanced 40v40 skirmishes | New weapons and more powerful armor sets | Craftable Alchemy Stones allow players to apply Attack, Defense, or Life bonuses to their equipment | Equipment can be enchanted to higher levels

Recruitment Closed.

FoE recruitment closed

We are no longer open for recruitment at this time (unless you have a friend or family member already in the guild). We will post on the official forums if/when we reopen our recruitment process in the future. 


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