About Us

Who we are: Fist of the Empire (FoE) is  is gaming guild founded on PvP and team based principles with a rich history of game play; which started in Star Wars Galaxies in 2002, and has continued through just about every MMO released there after. FoE is traditionally led by active duty military members and Veterans. Fist of the Empire is an adult gaming community comprised of friends and family 18 years of age and up. This provides FoE with mature, competent and capable player-base who are in control of their own lives and choose to spend their gaming time working to achieve guild goals and kill role players.


Mission statement: Fist of the Empire (FoE) provides an organized and cohesive PvP-focused gaming organization. FoE trains new members to promote excellence and teamwork, with the end state being the destruction of our enemies on the battlefield. FoE sets a high standard within the MMO gaming community and seeks to the dominate our competition in both PvP and PvE game play, while having a damned good time doing it!


Intent: Fist of the Empire will strive to be one of the most feared and organized guilds in any MMO game we choose to play. Members of FoE are a very tight knit community who work together in conjunction with our allied guilds to achieve a powerful force which can be projected into any game we play. FoE will continue the long history of being feared by our enemies. We believe that excelling in any video game is a team sport, and all professions and skill levels are needed to win the day. Ultimately, we want FoE to be THE standard other guilds to look up to in both PvP and PvE (when there's no PvP) in all of the games we play, and for our members to have a great time while dancing in the blood of our enemies...

FoE's leadership is comprised of a Guild Leader and a Guild XO who are supported by a staff of experienced officers and Veteran Members who help shape and guide the Guild’s future. FoE's leadership model is loosely based on the United States Army organizational standards. By adopting this model for leadership, the guild remains agile and capable of making critical decisions on the fly at the lowest levels of leadership in whatever game we choose to play. FoE plays multiple games enabling the organization to project itself beyond the politics and drama of one game. FoE has a strong leadership core backed by a strong tight knit community which has stood the test of time (14+ years) through multiple games. FoE strives to be the last guild you will ever join!



Publications that have featured "Fist of the Empire" as a guild

Publications that have features FoE over the years



This is the full page spread Beckett MMO magazine did on us during our time in Warhammer Online:

Full page spread Beckkett MMO magazine did on FoE during our time on Warhammer